The Best Manual Apple Peeler Machine for Home and Kitchen

Easy and Efficient Apple Peeling with a Manual Apple Peeler Machine | The Best Manual Apple Peeler Machine for Home and Kitchen

Manual Apple Peeler Machine

Product Description 

  • NO WASTE OF FRUIT - Peel is thinner, hardly any apple meat coming off vs. using motorized peelers which lose a ton of fruit.
  • PEELS IN JUST SECONDS - Peels all types of apples easily, blade cuts a wide peel then the more usual sort of metal peelers making it fast, and ergonomic handle make peeling more effectively, you can get a peeled apple in just seconds.
  • COMES WITH A SLICER AND CORER - Comes with a Slicer and Corer to serve sliced apples or prepare apple pies, with 8 welding points on each blade highly attached on the central corer ring, enables a stronger and more durable daily use.
  • SUCTION CUPS TO KEEP STEADY - The suction cups held the peeler in place steadily, effortlessly used for aging hands that are not as flexible, and work easily for kids as well.


  • PEEL - Turn the crank clockwise and it turns the apple around as the spring-loaded blade cuts off the peel, the blade will lift up off the apple and keep going around when it continues to turn in a clockwise motion.
  • PULL THE FRUIT OFF - After the blade is up, off and away from the apple, you can pull the apple off by pressing the button behind the crank.
  • SLICE AND REMOVE THE CORE - Push the slicer downward to remove the core and cut the apple into uniformly shaped 8 seedless widgets.
Manual Apple Peeler Machine

Manual Apple Peeler Machine

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