Furniture Corner Guard and Edge Safety Bumpers

Edge Protector for Furniture Table Corner Guards for Sharp Edges Silicon Corner Protector for Sharp Edges

Furniture Corner Guard

Product Description

  • KEEP SHARP CORNERS COVERED - Baby proof your home, without compromising on looks, with our clear table corner protector for baby. 97% of parents we surveyed loved them for their transparency, secure fit, and L-shaped design that fits perfectly around table corners. Use yours on wood, metal, marble or glass furniture.
  • SHOCK-ABSORBING DENSITY - Our baby safety corner protector products are subject to strict Indian regulations. Our premium pvc protects, absorbs shock and resists biting and pulling. Other options you’ll find on the market lack durability plus, their too-soft materials don’t protect kids’ heads from bashes and are easy for little hands to tug off.
  • TESTED AND VERIFIED - Our sharp corner protector protectors for baby are free from phthalates, BPA, chemicals, heavy metals & fire retardants (SCCPs). As parents, we know little ones love to lick, suck, and chew everything in sight. That’s unlikely to happen with our invisible-finish guards, but they’re a just in case!
  • CLEAR AND DISCREET - Don’t settle for ugly silicon corners for sharp edges in colors that clash with your homeware. Our clear furniture bumpers are stylish and resist discoloration. Our design is specially made to cover covers effortlessly unlike awkward foam rolls, which require super steady hands (and a lot of patience) to cut and place.
  • 1-MINUTE SETUP - Apply our bed corners edge protector with the 2 custom-cut pieces of high-power adhesive, one for each side, to give you more peace of mind (other brands cut corners by only including 1 piece). Plus, when babies are all grown up, our recommended removal process avoids stripping or staining furniture.
Furniture Corner Guard

Furniture Corner Guard

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4.8 Stars Out of 5.0

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