Flexible Pipe Extension Water Tap Faucet Extender

Faucet Extension Tube, 360 Degree Rotatable Extender Hose, Bendable, Shapable, Flexible Water Tap Pipe

Adjustable Water Tap Faucet Extender

Product Description

  • PREMIUM MATERIALS - This faucet extension tube is made of food grade silicone material, which is soft,safe and eco-friendly, The connector is made of refined copper and coated with the anti-rust coating, which will never be corroded and rusted, The inner core of tube is made of polymer material, which can be shaped arbitrarily, antifreeze and crack-proof, The product is compact, durable, never faded, dust proof, easily clean and store, It can be used for life unless damaged by external force.
  • INNOVATION DESIGN - This faucet extension tube adopts lengthened design with 19.7in(50cm), which meet almost all family needs, It is excellent flexible and high resilience, you can release your hands when using, and you don't need to equip a holder for it like traditional hose, The tube mouth is equipped with a filter and bubble device, which can limit the water flow without reducing the water pressure and greatly save water for you, The installation is so easy, elderly and women can do it.
  • EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS - This faucet extension tube solves the problem that the faucet is too far from the ground, it can stop you splashing everywhere and reduce the cleaning job, It also solves the problem of insufficient space, you can lift it and bend it down, adding a lot of usage scenes; We have configured 2 kinds of adapters and shim/pad, which convert the screw mouth from coarse grain to fine grain, There is also a raw tape, which can better increase the sealing during installation.
  • BROAD APPLICATION - This faucet extension tube is applicable to almost all faucets and valve converters, which is absolutely an essential tool in household, The product is widely applicable in washbasin, sink, basin, bathroom, toilet, kitchen, garden, balcony, courtyard, office, dormitory, garage, operation room, rental house, laundry etc.
  • NOTE - All the connector screw mouths are international universal G1/2 interface (2 cm), which is suitable for most faucets, Please measure your faucet before purchase.
  • PREMIUM SERVICE - we will provide 24 hours of professional and nice customer service and solve your problem wholeheartedly, We are convinced you will love your new faucet extension tube, Please feel free to contact us any time when you have any problems with the product.
Adjustable Water Tap Faucet Extender

Adjustable Water Tap Faucet Extender

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