Silicone Toilet Brush with Ventilated Holder

Toilet Brush in Silicone Material with Hard Plastic Holder Comes with Slim Flex Brush Anti-drip Set

Toilet Brush in Silicone Material

Product Description

  • Silicone Toilet Brush - Bowl buddy toilet brush is made of PP + TPR material that is durable, the brush never wears out, does not deform. It is very easy to reach a small space, dead corner, gap between toilet and lid. your toilet will be cleaner than ever Quick Drying
  • Ventilation Bracket - Silicon toilet brush and holder with a removable bottom, with a pull-out water storage box. After the loo brush is used, you can easily remove the base and pour out the dirty water. In addition, there are vents on both sides of the base to help dry quickly and eliminate odors. which makes it easier to keep the base clean. 
  • 360°Deep Cleaning Dead Corners - The toilet brushes and holders set is designed with a pro U-shaped and flexible silicone brush head. for deep cleaning on rims and other hard to reach places, and does not hurt the glaze of the toilet. Achieve the ideal cleaning effect.
  • Non-slip Long Handle Toilet Brush - Toilet brush set with Upgrade Non-slip Handle, Long enough handle of the flat silicone toilet brush makes sure that you don't need to concern that your hands may touch the toilet while using, make toilet cleaning more efficient and easy.
  • Wall Mounting and Standing - Our toilet cleaner brush is designed for two placement methods: wall-mounted and floor standing. Package is equipped with a wall self-adhesive hook, which can be used to wall-mounted, on the edge of the toilet, etc. saving more space and fitting the compact design of the bathroom.
Toilet Brush in Silicone Material
Toilet Brush in Silicone Material
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