Adhesive 360 Rotating Folding Hooks

Multi-purpose Hanging Utensil Holder Hook 180 Degrees Vertical Flip Self-Adhesive Hook Utensil Rack with 6 Hooks

Adhesive 360° Rotating Folding Hooks

Product Description

  • PACKAGE INCLUDES - here will be 4 pieces waterproof folding hooks packaged to you, you can prepare them as backups, or share with family members, roommates, or you can use it for your own to meet your daily use
  • 360 DEGREES ROTATING - with 360 degrees rotatable design, you don't need to worry about sticking the hook in the wrong direction, the connecting shaft on the hook can be rotated in a 360 degrees plane, you can flexibly rotate the hook according to actual needs, which also solves the problem that the hook is easy to incline
  • 180 DEGREES VERTICAL FLIP - our waterproof folding hook has a 180 degrees vertical flip design, it is self-adhesive, so you can easily stick it to the place you need to apply, taking as a ceiling hook to completely use under-counter space, such as tables and cabinets, organizing your countertop which is crowded with assorted objects, and turn it neat and clean
  • PRACTICAL TO USE - these utility hooks are ideal tools for storage, you can stick them vertically under the table, thus conveniently hang your belongings while do not occupy too much space, considerate design makes these small hooks able to be applied anytime and anywhere, fully make use of vertical space, making storage more convenient, efficient, and extensive
  • SUITABLE FOR - each piece of folding hook has 6 claws, and you can hang different objects on the claw, such as kitchen supplies, bathroom supplies, office supplies, living room accessories, etc, Hooks are mainly made of ABS material, with a simple style and comfortable touch, durable for long time use
Adhesive 360° Rotating Folding Hooks

Adhesive 360° Rotating Folding Hooks

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